~ New Sugarplum Angels ~

Good Morning! Introducing three more  available "Sugarplum Angels"!

 Each has a hand sculpted head & high button shoes with a tab on back for hanging! They are 16" tall and dressed in antique fabrics. Their wing are detachable so that you may also display them all year long!

They are currently available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings in Kutztown, Pa.

Also, I have just updated my Picturetrail and Pinterest pages so you my view not only all of dolls currently available there, but my doll archives. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Have a beautiful day!


~ Livy ~

Hello! Livy is one of my newest 20" hand sculpted paparclay and fabric dolls! She is partially rag stuffed for that lumpy old fashioned feel.  She has separate thumbs and a "second skin" for neatness & durability like the Izannah dolls.  Glass eyes and a twist of antique flax fibers for her braids.

Her clothing is generously "aged" and her hand sculpted high button shoes are topped with her droopy, aged, cotton stockings! She is currently available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings in Kutztown ,Pa.


"Be Thankful"

"Be Thankful", a sweet 24" partially rag stuffed doll. Inspired by several doll types. A pinch of "Greiner", (sculpted curls) ... a pinch of "Izzy" (separate thumbs and a second skin) ... and a big ol' dollop of "Becky!  Clothed all in antiques with her own little "litho cat" and visiting Sharon Renninger's Gatherings in Kutztown, Pa.


~ Sugarplums ~

Angel Dollies ~ 20", dressed in antique dresses and hand sculpted shoes. With detachable quilted wings! ... Oh yes, and a teeny loop for hanging!  Enjoy them year round! Available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings in Kutztown, Pa.!


~ An Invitation! ~

 Good Morning!  Hope you are enjoying this lovely autumn weather!  Just wanted to share the link to my Facebook artist's page where I try and post my most recent updates.  Hope you stop by for a visit and "Like" it! Thanks,

                              Rebecca Kerin Folk Art Dolls