Emily is my newest 26" doll. Just delivered her to Sharon Renninger's Getherings in Kutztown, Pa. in time to celebrate Sharon's Spring Open House! Hope you get the chance to stop by!


~ * SARAH * ~

Sarah is one of my newest dolls. She is 16" tall  and hand sculpted with glass eyes and an generous twist of antique flax for her braids. Her dress is sewn from antique blue calico.

 Tiny buttons adorn her bodice and cuffs. Her unders are of gently aged vintage fabrics. She has hand sculpted shoes and droopy black cotton stockings.  Sarah is available for purchase, email for price and any other info. Thanks,


Beuhla Mae & Delphia

Beuhla Mae and Daisy are two of my newest dolls that will be available at Sharon Renninger's Gatherings. Beula Mae is toddler sized with antique shoes and dress. Delphia is clothed in antique Lancaster Blue calico with an antique flag pin. Hope you get the chance to stop and visit them!


~ Mercy ~

                              Happy Spring to you all!

Just wanted to share some pix of Miss Mercy, one of the dolls that I dressed in antique Lancaster Blue. Corded antique calico trim and a generous twist of flax for hair. SOLD


Happy St. Patrick's Day to You!

Bridghid would like to wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!


~ A work in Progress ~

 So she sez to me.... "Hey, I'm a big girl (24"),  I can pick out my own fabric for my dresses!" ... and I say, " You behave, young lady, you haven't even told me your name yet! "


~ Lancaster Blue! ~

Busy working on some little dresses in antique "Lancaster Blue" calico (24" selvage) that I feel very blessed to have found. Taking care not to waste an inch!